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About Shelby Tompkins:

Shelby grew up in Marshville, a small rural town in North Carolina. Her grandmother, a skilled quilter, first taught Shelby how to sew when she was 6 years old. Many pillow cases were made and eventually clothing for her childhood cat,

who she must admit was not a fan.


 She attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. There she graduated with a degree in technical theatre: costume design and a minor in studio art. 

 After graduation, Shelby got her start in several independent films where she learned a lot very quickly. 

With a degree in theatre, she also has a background in costumes with theatrical productions such as Cirques du Soleil: Kurious and others. Theatre has taught her to be a quick problem solver and to always work at an accelerated pace.

Working her way up over the years from a costume assistant to an assistant costume designer has helped Shelby take on different roles within the department. She is very grateful to have worked in several places across the United States and has learned so much from those she has met along the way. She enjoys finding the character through clothing and collaborating with others to add to the story. 

Originally from North Carolina, Shelby currently resides in 

Atlanta, GA.

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